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Park Place Behavioral Health Care is a leader in mental health and substance use disorder services since 1976. Our multi-site facility offers a full range of new and innovative behavioral healthcare services. Designed to meet the diverse needs of those seeking inpatient or outpatient services.

With over 40 years of experience, Park Place and our dedicated staff strive to make a difference in the community. We have grown to over 300 full-time employees over the years with locations in Kissimmee, Poinciana, and Ocala. We are here for you throughout your journey to recovery.

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Garrett Griffin, Psy.D. has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Park Place Behavioral Health Care.

The Board of Directors for Osceola Mental Health, Inc., d/b/a Park Place Behavioral Health Care announced the appointment of Garrett Griffin, Psy.D. as Chief Executive Officer of Park Place Behavioral Health Care following the passing of Mr. James A. Shanks on August 18, 2023. Dr. Griffin has been an integral part of the leadership team since 2003, serving as the Clinical Director for Outpatient Mental Health Adult and Children’s Services and most recently Vice President for Clinical Services.

Dr. Griffin’s roots are in Clinical services, but he is highly regarded in the behavioral health care industry as a skilled and thoughtful executive, understanding the importance of both clinical and the administrative operations of Behavioral Health Care. “I entered Park Place as a Doctoral level Intern and knew at that time, that this was work that I could continue to do.  I knew that Park Place had something to offer to me and I aligned immediately with the people on staff, those we serve, and the mission of the agency,” said Griffin.  This afternoon, Griffin shared the following message with the Director’s, “We all have work to do. We have priorities facing us right now with our new Electronic Health Record, Accreditation, and ensuring that we continue to offer the high quality care for which we are known.  We will continue to work together to ensure Park Place remains able to thrive in this rapidly changing health care climate.   I challenge you each to continue writing the story that Mr. Shank’s started through his leadership.” 

Richard Barlow, Executive Vice President and Treasurer will continue to support the agency and Dr. Griffin as he enters this new role. Mr. Barlow has been a part of the Park Place community for over 23 years, and was one of the individuals who was present when Mr. Shanks was hired as CEO.  Mr. Barlow and Dr. Griffin will continue to work together to support the agency and staff.

Park Place had a succession plan in place but nothing can prepare you for the sudden loss of such a beloved man and CEO.  Dr. Griffin will count on the staff and the community to come together to continue to support us as we move forward in this new era.


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