PARK PLACE behavioral health care

Telehealth (Video Appointment)

Here at Park Place, we want you to maintain your mental well-being while maintaining convenience and increased accessibility to care while not having to travel to our locations. Telehealth allows us to carry out our health services via electronic devices, like laptops or smartphones, to allow for convenience and accessibility for all our patients. Other options are available. Call our office for more information.

Information on Telehealth

Service is dependent on individual needs and insurance coverage.


  • Device with a camera and microphone (Smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  • Internet access
  • Zoom US - a secure confidential telehealth network that you can access through the zoom app or the link to your scheduled appointment
Three people looking at telehealth services

Forms and PreSession Instructions

For more information about our telehealth services and PreSession instructions and consent, see the forms below.



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