PARK PLACE behavioral health care

Recovery-Oriented Services

Are you or someone you know in a mental health or substance abuse crisis? Park Place Behavioral Health offers services and a location to ensure that no one in our community has to face a recovery alone.

Counseling Services

Our treatment helps you work towards long-term sobriety while maintaining much of your everyday routine. We do counseling in all levels of care for substance use disorders. Our outpatient Services may be the starting point or last part of your journey to recovery. Our quality and individualized care will improve your health and sense of community as part of our continuum of care. 

Medication Assisted Treatment

At Park Place, we offer medication assisted treatment options tailored to your individual recovery needs.  Including, but not limited to Vivitrol. Vivitrol is an FDA approved medication used to treat opioid and alcohol use disorders. Administered once a month, the treatment reduces opioid and alcohol cravings, reduces and prevents a relapse, and breaks the dependence of opiates and alcohol. Vivitrol is one of today’s most effective tools in recovery along with our comprehensive management program combined with psychosocial support.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program is the least restrictive level of treatment which provides, individual participation of day treatment without the intensity of a 24 hour level of supervision. This is an ideal setting for you to receive treatment throughout the day while living independently. On campus room and board opportunities are also offered at this level of care.

Recovery Peer Support Services 

Support is important through your recovery process. We have a strong sober support network that offers a safe and comfortable environment to openly discuss issues, relapses and successes. Your Peer Support Specialist will go above and beyond on a daily basis to help you sustain your goals and make sure you are not walking the path to recovery alone. 

AWARE Program

The AWARE Program (Always Working At Reaching Excellence) is a diversion program provided in partnership with the Osceola County school system for students who are facing expulsion  from school due to a substance use related violation.  Students and guardians are provided an opportunity to p participate in a five week long structured Intervention service in lieu of a recommendation for expulsion. Intervention services help the student and legal guardian prevent ongoing and future school disruption and future maladaptive behaviors. Once a student and his or her guardian complete the program, Osceola School District does not maintain a record of the offense in the student’s cumulative folder and the student is able to remain in his or her current school.

Start your journey on the path to recovery.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about services available for you or a loved one. Our dedicated team can guide you on the next steps towards living the healthier life you deserve and desire.