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Crisis Services

Are you or someone you know in a mental health or substance abuse crisis? Park Place’s Inpatient Access Center provides 24 hour emergency screening and admission to our adult or children’s mental health crisis stabilization units, detoxification services and/or referrals to other services. Park Place serves as a central point of access for screening, referral and placement of involuntary clients under the Baker Act and Marchman Act.


Inpatient Access Center

Ensuring that nobody in our community has to face a crisis alone, our inpatient access center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained and compassionate assessment staff will meet with those facing serious life challenges and determine what suitable services will meet their needs.

Adult and Children Crisis Services

Our Crisis Stabilization Unit provides best practice and research-based care for all psychiatric disorders.  We provide comprehensive evaluations for children, adolescents and adults.  We encourage family members (with client consent) to accompany clients to their assessment as we believe they are a valued part of the evaluation process.  Because psychiatric disorders are multi-faceted, clients receive care from a team of professionals including psychiatrists, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, nurses and social workers.  This team  provides the client and the family with education and communication throughout the treatment process to enhance the client’s recovery.

Adult Detox Services

In our detoxification unit, your safety is our top priority. Our detoxification program utilizes protocols to help you taper off safely and gradually from drugs and alcohol with as few withdrawal symptoms as possible. 

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