PARK PLACE behavioral health care


Treatments for Ocala adults to meet their mental health needs in a structured and therapeutic environment. Park Place offers a number of services for adults, including individual and group therapy, detox, and residential care.

Person smiling while detoxing


This program is designed with safety as our top priority. In our detoxification unit, we will help you on your road to recovery. Protocols are in place to safely and gradually taper off from drug and alcohol use with as few withdrawal symptoms as possible.

Recovery-oriented Services

Recovery-Oriented Counseling

Our treatment helps you work towards long-term sobriety while maintaining much of your everyday routine. As the least intensive of our services, our Outpatient Services may be the starting point or last part of your journey to recovery. Our quality and individualized care will improve your health and sense of community as part of our continuum of care. 

Medication Assisted Treatment 

Here at Park Place, we have access to the tools needed to meet your goals towards a better lifestyle. Vivitrol is an FDA-approved medication used to treat opioid and alcohol addiction. Administered once a month, the treatment reduces opioid and alcohol cravings, reduces and prevents relapse, and breaks the dependence on opiates and alcohol. Vivitrol is one of today’s most effective recovery tools. Our comprehensive management program combined with psychosocial support.


Our drug and alcohol residential treatment program focuses on individualized client care and helps you recover from substance abuse and co-occurring conditions. Our staff will ensure you receive care designed specifically for you and your specific needs. Although intensive, the multidisciplinary approach uses the advantages in all types of clinical care, and you will participate in various types of group, individual and recreational therapies.

Recovery Peer Support Services 

Support is important through your recovery process. We have a strong sober support network that offers a safe and comfortable environment to discuss issues, relapses, and successes openly. Your Peer Support Specialist will go above and beyond daily to help you sustain your goals and make sure you are not walking the path to recovery alone.

Start your journey on the path to recovery.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about services available for you or a loved one. Our dedicated team can guide you on the next steps towards living the healthier life you deserve and desire.