August 2, 2021

Our 18 bed detox unit in Ocala, Marion County

Our 18 bed detox unit in Ocala, Marion County

Park Place Behavioral Health Care is pleased to announce the opening of our 18 bed detox unit in Ocala, Marion County.

Our new detox unit is located on the Beacon Point campus of Marion County Hospital District and will work closely with the other treatment providers on the campus to provide a seamless recovery system of care for those in need of substance use disorder services. Our detox at Beacon Point is a freestanding facility that will offer detox and medical stabilization services for individuals suffering from substance use and co-occurring (substance use and mental health) disorders.

Detox is typically the first step for a person who has a history of substance use, especially when using a substance that is associated with physical withdrawal effects. We know taking that first step can be hard. Making the decision to give up using alcohol or other drugs is not easy. If you’re seeking detox, we understand that your use of substances has had a negative impact on your life. However, we also know that giving up alcohol and other drugs can be physically and mentally difficult. There are reasons people may have used a substance initially but often, when someone needs help with detoxification, they are using the drugs to medicate physical and psychological withdrawal.  Often people asking for detox have tried to stop using at times but found themselves unable to stop or stay stopped.  If you have made the decision or someone in your circle of friends or family have made that decision for you we are here to help you stop and start the journey of recovery. We will help you take increased control of your life free from the chains of substance use.  

We recognize that much of the difficulty in taking the first step toward recovery comes from the fear of withdrawal. The perceived pain and suffering of those first few days or week when you’re first coming off drugs and alcohol. That is where we come in. We are here to help you manage your withdrawal with support and medication to help you through the process. We are here to offer hope and healing until you are medically stable and able to take the next step in your treatment or recovery journey. We are here to offer you a safe place to feel better. We are here to offer you comfort and compassion, treat you with respect and dignity, and provide all you need to begin this journey to ongoing recovery.

Our detox is staffed with caring and compassionate staff, Drs, APRN’s, Nurses, admissions and care coordinators, therapists, technicians and Peer Recovery Specialists will work day in and day out to make sure that your detox experience is filled with care, support, and understanding. We will not lie to you- the early stages of getting off drugs and alcohol can be uncomfortable. But we are here to support you, to offer you the latest evidence-based medications, clinical care, and support to make your first stages of recovery as best as they can possibly be as you take the necessary steps to find recovery.

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